In 1954 Dr. A. S. Dhole an eminent Homeopathic Practitioner, started 4 indoor beds and an outdoor dispensary dispensary as a Charitable Homeopathic Hospital in the name. of Matrusadan Charitable Homeopathic Hospital in the rented building in the camp area…Read More

“Dreams and Goal become strong when they are supported by; Direction; Dedication; Determination; Discipline and Deadline.”…Read more
“PJNHMC provides a learning environment where a learner interacts with different agents, tutors that will make you expertise in your work.”….Read more

Dr. S. A. Dhole


The potential of homeopathy needs to be given its rightfull place in the health care policies, The realization of this vision calls for an appropriate projection of the homeopathic principle to the key players in the field of health care systems, needless to say, the curricular organization of the homeopathic undergraduate courses, determines the quality of homeopathic therapeutic services…Read More

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